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Allergies and Other Illnesses

What Are the Basics About Apple Allergies?

Have you ever had a subtle, yet noticeable tingling sensation after eating an apple? Chances are good that you were experiencing a mild reaction to the protein in the fruit. Those who are allergic to specific types of pollen, such a birch or mugwort, can develop allergies to apples. In addition to apples, you may also react when eating other raw fruits and vegetables such as carrots, celery, and various kinds of melon....(more)

Recognizing Hair Dye Allergies

Finding out you have an allergy to hair dye is not pleasant, especially if you do not perform the recommended skin test beforehand. Hair dye manufacturers recommend you complete a skin test 48 hours prior to using the entire bottle of hair dye on your head. If you have a negative reactions, you are allergic to the dye....(more)

Wheat Allergy Signs, Symptoms and Management in Children

Wheat allergy in children is caused by a reaction of the body to proteins in wheat. It is not the same thing as wheat intolerance or celiac disease. Symptoms of wheat allergy range from mild to severe and are sometimes even life threatening. Wheat allergy is one of the most common allergies in children and is often difficult to manage since many commercial products contain wheat....(more)

Recognizing the Levels of Peanut Allergy

People that have peanut allergies are affected by exposure to peanuts in different ways and have different levels of sensitivity. Some people only get a rash, while others are thrown into a life-threatening allergic reaction. The reaction you have is based upon your peanut allergy level. There are two components when determining the peanut allergy level: the severity of the reaction and the threshold of peanut protein needed to cause a reaction....(more)


Dairy Allergy Causes

Milk is in a lot of the foods consumed by most people on a daily basis. It is even in some foods you may not realize. For a person who has a dairy allergy, these foods must be avoided. Oftentimes, people with a dairy allergy want to know why they are allergic to dairy products. While knowing the cause of the allergy won't change the allergy, it can make it a little easier to live with....(more)

Unexpected Allergies: Plant-based Plastic Bottles

As part of a plan to lead in the use of renewable plastics from plants, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have started an ambitious plan to roll out plastic bottles with 100 percent plant-based content around the world. PepsiCo developed the first PET plastic bottle with 100 percent renewable plant-based content and produced a 100 percent recyclable bottle from plant content. Moving from lab tests to the scale of production necessary to make all bottles plant-based is a challenge that both beverage manufacturers face. Because the bottles come from plant products, those with food allergies to substances in these plant-based plastic bottles already have viable concerns....(more)

Can High Stress Levels Cause Hives?

It has been known for quite a while that stress can have adverse effects on your body. One of those effects are hives, also referred to as rashes. Stress is one of the most common cause of rashes. When your body runs out of options for dealing with stress factors it can often take alternative forms like rashes....(more)


Tree Nut Allergies: Symptoms and Management

Tree nuts are very common allergens, but what are they exactly? If you're new to the concept of allergies, it may be difficult to know how to identify them and recognize the symptoms they cause. Managing the condition and treating reactions can also be challenging. Read on for an overview of tree nut allergies....(more)

Healthy Peanut-free Foods for Kids' Lunches

For parents of children with peanut allergies, food shopping is often challenging because many foods either contain peanuts or come from facilities that use peanuts and tree nuts for other foods. Additionally, the food shopping challenge does not always stop with parents of children who have peanut allergies. Many schools are completely peanut free to ensure the safety of children with peanut allergies, which means parents must send their children to school with peanut-free lunches and snacks. If you are a parent of a child with a peanut allergy or a child who attends a peanut-free school, consider these healthy peanut-free foods for your child's lunches....(more)

A Nutritional Definition of Gluten-free Foods

Whether you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or want to avoid gluten for other health reasons, you need to know the definition of gluten-free. It is easy to find gluten-free substitutes for most popular foods. However, the gluten-free labels on these foods do not necessarily indicate the food is gluten-free. Learn what gluten is and why these labels are not to be trusted....(more)