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Dairy Allergy Causes

Milk is in a lot of the foods consumed by most people on a daily basis. It is even in some foods you may not realize. For a person who has a dairy allergy, these foods must be avoided. Oftentimes, people with a dairy allergy want to know why they...(more)

Unexpected Allergies: Plant-based Plastic Bottles

As part of a plan to lead in the use of renewable plastics from plants, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have started an ambitious plan to roll out plastic bottles with 100 percent plant-based content around the world. PepsiCo developed the first PET plastic bottle with 100 percent renewable plant-based content and...(more)

Can High Stress Levels Cause Hives?

It has been known for quite a while that stress can have adverse effects on your body. One of those effects are hives, also referred to as rashes. Stress is one of the most common cause of rashes. When your body runs out of options for dealing with stress factors...(more)

Coughing: Causes and Medicines

As the body's way of expelling mucus and irritants from the lungs, coughing is an important function. It is a symptom of many illnesses and conditions. While all of us need to cough sometimes, prolonged periods of frequent coughing may indicate a serious illness or infection. While coughs are to...(more)

Animal Allergies

Avoid Mosquito Bites with These Seven Tips

The summer brings long days, warm weather, relaxation, and unfortunately mosquitoes. The pesky insects can quickly turn a wonderful evening into a nightmare with their itchy bites. While repellents work relatively well, the effects are only temporary. This means you may end up spraying yourself, your children, and your guests all evening long to avoid those pesky critters. Luckily, there are several different preventative measures you can take to reduce your likelihood of being eaten by mosquitoes. Below are seven tips to help you keep those annoying mosquitoes at bay this summer....(more)

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments for Cat Allergies

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, cats have become rather popular animals across all age groups. The graceful feline pets find their place in many homes and are considered as family members by many people. That said, some people wince at the mere sight of them. No, they're not hardcore dog-lovers, they are, in fact, people who are allergic to them. Many people get an allergic reaction upon coming in contact with cats. The symptoms are often mild but are usually discomforting. With proper knowledge about the allergy followed by prompt treatment, the condition can be managed thus allowing patients to lead a symptom-free life....(more)

Tips for Reducing Pet Allergies

Millions of Americans love having pets, but the joy often comes with an unpleasant catch. Dog and cat allergies affect many animal lovers, leaving them with irritating coughs, itchy eyes, and wheezing. While studies suggest that most animal allergies are hereditary, they can also manifest due to repeated exposure. Fortunately, there are a few tips that animal lovers can take to reduce the uncomfortable side effects of pet allergies. The following tips are basic steps that any family can take to ensure a comfortable and loving environment for both pet owner and pet....(more)


Controlling Your Food Allergies for Weight Loss

Food sensitivities, food allergies and weight loss are definitely connected. Eating foods to which you are sensitive or allergic promotes inflammation, preoccupies your immune system, negatively impacts your mood, gives you cravings and causes you to overeat. Eliminate problematic foods from your diet to free yourself from cravings and eating to compensate for allergen-induced mood swings. True food allergies are rare, and it is unusual for an individual to be allergic to more than one or two foods. Allergy tests are sometimes too sensitive and give false positives. However, even if you are not allergic to a particular food, you are perhaps sensitive to it, and it is something better for you to avoid....(more)

Could You Be Allergic to Chocolate?

Practically everyone has tried chocolate at least once and odds are good that most everyone likes it. Some people are literally addicted to chocolate and others can take it or leave it. Then there are those who might like it but are allergic to chocolate and cannot eat it. Everyone should know the symptoms that are indicative of an allergic reaction so they can get medical attention to find out what the culprit is....(more)

Evaluating the Risks for Zyrtec for Allergy Control During Pregnancy

Allergies flair at all times of the year and in all stages of life. Certain points of your life such as pregnancy can even make them worse as you struggle with heightened sensitivities. One of the most common methods for treating allergies these days is Zyrtec. However, Zyrtec is not without its possible complications for pregnant women. In fact, Zyrtec and pregnancy may not be an ideal combination at all....(more)